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I've been playing with tools.deps recently and updating some of my projects as a way to learn the new tools better. A long, long time ago I wrote lein-hiera as one of my first Leiningen plugins, to help me understand the structure of my code. I've rewritten lein-hiera (now clj-hiera) so that it's primarily a simple library namespace which is easy to consume from the clj CLI as either a gitlib or as a stand-alone "tool". The plugin just bundles the library code now and does some lightweight wrapping to make the lein hiera command work. If you've ever wanted a graph of your namespace dependencies, give it a shot!

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)02:11:49

very cool! worked for me, but seems like it uses your default :sources instead of the :paths from your deps.edn (for me it scooped in my tests too - which are both under src/ in standard maven layout)


Ah, yeah the non leiningen default is a naive #{"src"} - open to making that smarter

borkdude10:11:08 utility lib on top of with common operations to update EDN while preserving whitespace and comments. 0.4.5 ā€¢ Add conj: (str (r/update (r/parse-string "{:a [1 2 3]}") :a r/conj 1)) ;;=> "{:a [1 2 3 1]}" ( ā€¢ Add fnil: (str (r/update (r/parse-string "{:a [1 2 3]}") :b (r/fnil r/conj []) 1)) ;;=> "{:a [1 2 3] :b [1]}"

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:11:58

Set of releases to add support for repository policies in deps.edn: ā€¢ 0.15.1254 ā€¢ v0.2.9 ā€¢ ā€¢ v0.8.5 9c738da

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:11:16

In most cases, the default policies are fine, but if you need this, an example of how this looks:

 {"my-releases" {:url ""
                 :snapshots {:enabled false}
				 :releases {:enabled true
				            :update :daily
							:checksum :fail}}}}
These policies will be output with -Spom or -X:deps mvn-pom or write-pom in when generating a pom.xml. More docs here: (although I see the bullet formatting is off, so fixing that still)


Releasing our first library here at Cohesic! It is a set of helpers for XTDB, especially around undo/revert of an entity

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