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Matthew Davidson (kingmob)09:11:48

For anyone who wants to try the latest and greatest, we have just cut 0.6.0-rc1. Big changes are deps.edn support, better TLS config and error-handling, the ability to replace Dirigiste connection pools with custom versions, and shutdown configuration. Plus, the usual litany of bug fixes and Netty upgrades.

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Matthew Davidson (kingmob)09:11:02

@U04V15CAJ Hey, you helped Moritz with the lein2deps support, right? I'll add you to the contributors list

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@U10EC98F5 Good call to push a preview release 👍 I spotted a bug and possibly an omission in the changelog - I'll make a PR!

Arnaud Geiser10:11:47

@U06GVE6NR: We are going to release this version on production soonish. Can I ask you where the bug is located?

Arnaud Geiser10:11:19

Ah, could be worse!

Arnaud Geiser10:11:20

@U04V15CAJ: I'm not German, but I got the joke!

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Indeed, just polish for the release proper 🙂


Did you hear that at the 2022 sausage competition, Germany did the wurst?


would it be possible in the future to release netty upgrades quicker? like having a 0.5.x branch and now you make a 0.6.x branch and we could have quicker cadence getting latest netty. netty cut three new releases since i updated the version in aleph's project.clj... since netty patch releases are extremely unlikely to break anything, aleph users could get their hands on netty improvements asap. feature changes/additions could still take the rc16 route if necessary

Arnaud Geiser13:11:13

I don't know @U10EC98F5's take on this. But my recommendation would be to enforce the Netty dependencies on your project and exclude the ones from Aleph. Otherwise, we'll constantly releasing Aleph versions which contain barely nothing on them.


is there a problem with that?

Arnaud Geiser13:11:11

You mean, releasing more often?

Arnaud Geiser13:11:18

I don't think so... But I don't think @U10EC98F5 would like to release Aleph every 2 days. But maybe on a cadence of 2 weeks, would it work for you? (anyway, let's wait for his answer)

valerauko13:11:18 that often... occasionally there's a quick next release to fix a regression but usually it's once a month or so.

Arnaud Geiser13:11:49

So I got your point, we are too slow here :D


it's got way better since the libraries went over to clj-commons, but i think there can be an even better balance

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)15:11:04

I agree the current cadence should be sped up. But bumping Aleph just for Netty doesn't really appeal to me. There's still a little work involved, and as Arnaud mentioned, people who want the latest netty bugfixes can add it to their own project.clj. I think this is worth revisiting once we have automatic CI deployments for Aleph.


sounds good. if you need reference for CI releases, might be useful. i prefer to make my releases by hand but even that can be automated if you use tag pushes as trigger (dunno how it'd work with circleci though)

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)15:11:06

Thanks for sharing that. We might try it out. Erik already set up some clj-commons scripts for tag-based releases from CircleCI. Our obstacle is that Zach's biggest libs don't use the clj-commons mvn group, which means the credentials require a different set up. Due to the large install base (Aleph 0.4.6 was downloaded a million times), changing the mvn group could mean a lot of users won't find it. OTOH, it's been a while since we revived Aleph; maybe now's the time to switch to clj-commons.


Switching over to the clj-commons group sounds good to me, too 👍 We could push a final release to the old group which just throws an exception on require which points to the new one 😄

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