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borkdude13:11:13 Configurable Clojure/Script interpreter suitable for scripting and Clojure DSLs SCI is used in,,, and many projects. 0.5.35 - 0.5.36 (2022-11-14) • mutation of deftype field should be visible in protocol method • restore recur target exception in do • don't use metadata in record implementation • preserve location of throw in stack trace • Drop name metadata from conditionally defined var • Implement in-ns as function rather than built-in ( • reload analyzer API within CLJS to ensure ns-publics and resolve are available • Optimize analysis and evaluation of fn • Add more docstrings to built-in (core) macros and vars ( • Add array Channel: #sci

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Anders Eknert21:11:02

I needed functionality for the Jarl project, but found the current libraries had a few things missing (hard JSON library dependency, not working with ClojureScript, etc), so I hacked up my own. Just released version 1.0.0! No external dependencies, ClojureScript support, passing all the tests from the JSON Patch conformance suite.

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Sam Ritchie22:11:41

I don’t have a project comparison but this made me think of

Anders Eknert22:11:27

Thanks! Looks useful, although for this project I needed JSON Patch support specifically. But may very well try that for other projects 🙂

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I have on my bookmarks, hopefully you were aware of that one.

Anders Eknert13:11:33

Yep! That’s the one I started out with.

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