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Christian Johansen08:11:28

m1p (short for “map” in the tradition of i18n) is a map interpolation library that can be used for i18n (or just externalizing textual content for a single language), theming, and similar use cases. It takes a data-driven approach to “flavor content”, allowing you to completely separate app logic from the mechanics of i18n/theming/etc, and supports arbitrary dictionary data, custom “dictionary functions” and more. More details in the Readme:

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Noah Bogart16:11:41

This name is so clever

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Babashka file system utility library for Clojure v0.2.12 (2022-11-16) • add write-bytes and write-lines add update-file Channel: #babashka

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Hi everybody! Just released Hansel 0.1.17 ( Hansel allows you to instrument Clojure[Script] forms and entire namespaces so they leave a trail when they run. It is the original flow-storm instrumentation code, moved into a separate library so we can build more tooling that depends on instrumentation without depending on the entire flow-storm debugger. The readme is still pretty rough so let me know if you are interested or show up in the #C03KZ3XT0CF channel.

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This is SO COOL, thanks for publishing this!

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I just released FlowStorm debugger 3.2.271! FlowStorm is a Clojure and ClojureScript debugger with some unique features. The most important thing about this release is that it uses Hansel for instrumentation. Hansel code has more testing and a bunch of improvements which should make instrumentation better specially in ClojureScript. Apart from that, the release contains a couple of new features, fixes and changes : • New tap button allows you to tap> any value from the UI (nice to integrate with other tooling like portal) • New locals "tap value" allows you to tap> any locals • Value inspector navigation bar now shows keys instead of val text (which I think is much nicer) • Fix automatic [un]instrumentation watcher (helps with synchronization when you are instrumenting from the browser and also with #trace) Repo : ( Channel: #flow-storm Cheers!

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Published clj-test-containers 0.7.4 to upgrade to the latest testcontainers-java version, along with some smaller technical changes and documentation fixes:

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