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Just released 0.2.1! Pogonos is yet another Clojure(Script) implementation of the Mustache template language. 0.2.1: • Support dynamic partials, a new feature introduced in the Mustache spec • Support running on Babashka • Add a new pgns command, which is installable via

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New release of my ClojureScript wrapper of the emotion css-in-js lib version "2022-11-17.0.0" Notable change is the addition of :css prop ( support to helix.dom

(require [dv.emotion-helix-dom :as d])
(d/p {:css {:background "blue" ":hover" {:background "grey"}} "Hello")
See the readme and devcards for more:!/dv.cljs_emotion.helix_cards

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Cora (she/her)04:11:28

heck yes, this is great

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Folks, this will be a really weird announcement: I'm publishing a pretty initial version of a plug-in called for the Pulsar editor. What is Pulsar, you say? Well, Atom is dying a fast death now, so some community members (me included) decided to keep the project alive. As we're still reimplementing most features of the old packages API, I also implemented a way to install packages directly from git repos. So, back to generic-lsp, is a package to support LSP servers in Pulsar. It has a pretty good support for Clojure-LSP, an ok-ish support for Javascript, C/C++ (Clangd), Rust, and Lua. It can use (but don't actually require) the packages Linter, Linter-UI-Default, Intentions and Datatips to do more magic stuff. You can install with pulsar --package install -t v0.1.3, after you grab one of the editor's binary from our CI (

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git-based package management -- I like it!


Well, Atom already had that, but probably was for some internal usage because it tried to handle some very weird cases and installed a bunch of weird dependencies. It also didn't support tags, so I basically re-purposed the command and now things work just fine 🙂.


This is great. Thanks @U3Y18N0UC for keeping Atom alive. I've switched over to nvim, but I will for sure check this out because Atom used to be my daily.