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🚀 Just released a very first preview version of Clerk, a local-first notebook built on top of regular Clojure namespaces: • io.github.nextjournal/clerk {:mvn/version "0.1.164"}. • Quickest way to play with it is cloning • More info can be found in the • My favorite notebook is 🕹️ Would really appreciate if folks took it for a spin and give feedback in #nextjournal on what can still needs to be improved before its open source release. 🙏:skin-tone-2:

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looks great and I managed to get it working; but the onboarding from the clerk-demo repo could be a little more straightforward. It could for example include an alias or user.clj that set it up to work. Also it looks like some of the notebook files don’t work out of the box; e.g. one of the examples includes jdbc, but it’s not in the deps.edn etc. Similarly some bits of the getting started snippet aren’t in the demo project; e.g. there’s no src directory. So you could perhaps integrate the getting started guide into the clerk demo repo??


I’m also curious how it relates to


ah cool — I missed it 🙂


all notebooks referenced there should run


working on fixing up the rest now


Looks great! How does this compare to I haven't used much of either but their goals look very similar.

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)19:10:07

Yeah, I would like to know that too. I would appreciate it if had a short section about the "syntax", i.e. what the comments rendered by Clerk look like, and a link to the API docs (with fns such as show! and the vl one). I am very happy to see this, thanks for open-sourcing!


Clerk does static analysis to build a dependency graph for each form and caches results between subsequent evaluations so it only recomputes things that changed. This allows it to eliminate hidden state issues and a fast feedback loop with file save events as the interface. I believe notespace takes a different approach here receiving commands via the repl on what to evaluate but maybe @U066L8B18 can say more?

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besides there seems to be some differences regarding the format (markdown line comments in Clerk vs vectors of strings in Notespace) and the viewer api differs, compare with

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(btw the notebook format used by Clerk is from

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and I’ll add the viewer functions to the readme


(there’s currently html, vl, plotly, tex, table, md, code, with-viewer and with-viewers. is the best reference until then


Just released our new c4k-jira module. A k8s setup for small jira installations on a cheap single app cluster. We use this installation in production. Provider independent backup is included - there is no lock in 🙂 #k8s #devops #jira

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babashka 0.6.2 babashka Various bugfixes and a few new features!

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cool, I was about to report something similar to #45

Karol Wójcik13:10:55

Cool. I have already stumbled upon the cider hanging bug.