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Einen wunderschönen guten Morgen und einen tollen Tag! 😄

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)20:10:32

Morning! I have a question. I want to hold 2h intro to Fulcro workshop during re:Clojure and wonder what time would be best. Ideally it would be so that both Europeans and US could attend. But given family situation, my options are latest 2:30-4:30pm CET (but 5:30 am on the east US coast is too early) or 8-10pm CET or later (11am east coast). But that might be too late for family folks in Europe? If you had free choice (and now ignore whether you actually are interested in the topic or not), what time is best/acceptable for you? Any time during work hours? Or an evening? .... Thank you! (Hm, perhaps I could also get 4-6pm CET to work...)


It depends how interesting it is. I guess most people still work mainly from home, with kind of flexible hours. We do have meetings in the morning, that are hard to miss. So for me personally, anything between 11am and 11pm CET would be fine.

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It’s very difficult to cover all timezones, especially if there is interest on the west coast USA. I’ve done talks at midnight just to accommodate. I’m in BST but I’m at the point now that some exercise, dinner and some time away from the keyboard is important to me. So evening talks I tend to avoid unless it’s something I really want to know about, I’ll usually catch up on a replay later.