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Well, my large thread above came down to a typo :man-facepalming::skin-tone-2: little bit embarrassing. But it has me thinking.. is there any way to get some kind of warning for things like misspelled map keys? I suppose not, as there is no way to know whether it's a typo or just a key that some other downstream function expects to make use of. Besides throwing Guardrails on every function there is, is there any way to reduce and/or detect such problems in Clojure? I know this isn't a Fulcro question specifically, but I thought I'd ask here anyhow.

konrad szydlo13:10:54

I use #cursive plugin. On many occasions I get suggestions for auto-complete function names, keywords etc. or highlighting when I get something misspelled. I've checked and Cursive would highlight they misspelled keyword in your case.


Do you know how that works? Many keywords aren't actual words. Do you get lots of highlights like this when dealing with keys that aren't just comma-separated English words?


It still requires writing "specs" (schemas), but malli provides spell checking on closed maps:


It’s why I started the Copilot project. The answer is “yes”, and I’ve got such a thing working, but I ran out of help on that project, so it is stalled 😞


but that would involve putting guardrails on the functions 😄 Something has to provide the info….it’s just I’d rather see it in my IDE as a highlight.

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)19:10:21

OMG, thank you, I forgot they are not just names but actual keys, both are wrong


Is it just me or is there an index.html file missing from fulcro template

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)19:10:47

You are not the first one running into that. So if you have a good idea how to help the next person avoid the surprise, please send a PR!


I was confused because I got a message that index.html was missing. It was because I was trying to access the main build for cljs at port 8022.


I should have used port 3000