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Johan Thorén11:10:10

I've just released - a Clojure (graal-vm native-image) command-line app to calculate the calendar based on the Bible and the 1st book of Enoch. It's inspired by HebCal, but based on which bases calculations on the sun, moon, and stars - instead of a mathematical formula.

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Fun project :)

Johan Thorén12:10:20

Thanks. It's fun for me! Although I realize the audience will probably always be quite slim. At least I'm solving problems for myself... 🙂


So when are you going to find the Graal? 😃

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Johan Thorén13:10:33

Not sure about that, but there seems to be quite a few Clojurians loving the native-image possibilites!


@U02DW53HCSE We sure do in #graalvm and #clj-easy


And of course in #babashka too


Come to think of it, I think your script could be written as a bb script as well :)

Johan Thorén13:10:06

For sure. But I consider my eventual target audience to be non-technical, and as such I want to ship a single exe file without any deps. In the future that might include a modest UI as well.


makes sense


any ideas about UI + graalvm already?

Johan Thorén13:10:49

No, I haven't even looked into it yet. It's somewhere on the 3.0 horizon (if at all possible).

Johan Thorén13:10:32 will most likely be the place where I add pointy-clicky-features instead.

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Nice! @U02DW53HCSE I added it to clojure scoop bucket. It now shares the spot among other great tools members of clojure community produce.

Johan Thorén16:10:55

Kudos! I appreciate it! Didn't know about the dependency on extras/vcredist2015, what is that all about?


sorry, but I'm not an expert on C++ runtime dependencies. It's a library that all the native image build binaries on windows depend on at runtime.


this is just a c++ library that graalvm depends on


most OSes have this available but Windows hasn't always got this


but it's a very common dependency that many Windows programs need

Johan Thorén17:10:14

Ok. Good stuff! I know pretty much nothing about Windows, so I'm happy someone does! I've added a note about Scoop Clojure to the installation notes in the README. Do I need to do anything to keep it up-to-date?


Just do as nice release artifact on github as it is now. Scoop is able to detect new releases on github and autoupdates manifest automatically.

Johan Thorén18:10:28

@UBLU3FQRZ That's nice. The release is done through a GH workflow so that will stay essentially the same for the foreseeable future.