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Here is a cross posting that includes a lot of gratitude for all of you people here. Thank you @darrell for mentioning it here ❤️

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Have you consider blogging about this? I think it is a wonderful testimony and also will tell the story about how StackOverflow isn’t a requirement for getting help with coding.


That is actually a great idea. I have found it hard to argue that i should prioritize blogging over coding and other startup activities. Do you have some good arguments as to why I should prioritize it?


Maybe a first step could be to start tweeting more about it and my journey.


That’s a masterfully crafted tweet, @U024A5W9WBG!


Thanks @U0ETXRFEW, I might have talent for this 😄


I'm grateful to the entire Clojure community who have been so receptive of my open source projects in the last 3 years. It's been quite the adventure! Grateful to sponsors who are allowing me to My top sponsors are listed on my but I'm equally thankful to the many smaller individual sponsors, no matter how small or big their contribution.

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