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Typed Clojure 1.0.17: enhanced error messages--destructuring is now a first-class concept! Old: Polymorphic static method clojure.lang.RT/nth could not be applied to arguments New: The type (t/HSet #{:foo}) cannot be destructured via syntax [a] #core-typed

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#polylith v0.2.0-alpha10 I’m proud to announce that the poly tool now suports the latest version of tools.deps.alpha! This is a milestone which includes several improvements. The can be found here. Happy coding!

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new library TL; DR; You are interested in if 1) you use google cloud and really interested in if you use google cloud run. 2) you want to learn how to make ring-wrappers for logs, especially with reading :body and you don’t know about (.reset ^ body). Or just want to use my wrappers. 1) Google jsonPayload ( for google cloud run ( / and not only. It also works with without any change. In other words it is the simplest and most efficient solution for google cloud run when you want to keep your infrastructure simple and use google native solutions for logging and error reporting. 2) rings wrappers for logging: request, response, exceptions PS library is not only about logging. I have plan to push there code which I share across projects which I develop, but feel free to use it.

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