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Norent Khy07:08:08

Hello everyone! I am Norent Khy. My parents are from Cambodia who went to live in The Netherlands where I was born. I am an aspiring developer who was approached for a potential ClojureScript vacancy in my area. In response to this potential vacancy I have started to broaden my mind to the ways of Clojure(Script). And I am doing this by introducing myself to this world via If you have any tips or whatever you want to share with me, please do, I am open to discussion and conversation. doge

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Gabriel Kovacs19:08:17

Hi! My name is Gabriel. I am interested in getting a better understanding of FP.

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Hey everyone! My name is Ian, I’m a mobile app dev mostly working on libraries in Swift, I’ve been interested in clojure for a while and I’m finally getting around to doing something about it. I’m looking forward to learning from, and contributing to, this community.

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