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Not sure how you'd categorize template projects...?


And idea that may already exist. An easy to use registry of open source projects that would allow filtering by dependencies. Forks should be handled as well. So e.g. someone wants to see how to use ring with honeysql. And they go to that registry and enter ring and honeysql in the search bar. The list of projects follows, perhaps ordered by LOC as a metric of simplicity.


That's why I mentioned ordering by LOC. Can't really think of any other heuristic.


Curation is hard work that doesn't scale IMO, unless you want to stick to 5 things.


i would like ths


creepy stare into your soul art aside, its a "template template" thing where you basically check boxes and get what you want


so you want... "postgres as your database with next.jdbc and honeysql and ring with jetty 11 and compojure and then your frontend is selmer templates"


or "sqlite a your database" with all the same options


looking though their docs it seems the questions they ask are

Which type of application would you like to create? (monolithic, microservices, microservices gateway)
What is the base name of your application?
What is your default Java package name?
Which type of authentication would you like to use? (jwt/oauth/http session)
Which type of database would you like to use?(all the sqls, mongodb, cassandra, couchbase)
Which production database would you like to use?
Which development database would you like to use?
Do you want to use the Spring cache abstraction?
Do you want to use Hibernate 2nd level cache?
Would you like to use Maven or Gradle?
Which other technologies would you like to use? (swagger, elasticsearch, hazelcast, websockets, kafka)
Which Framework would you like to use for the client? (angular, react, vue)
Would you like to use a Bootswatch theme?
Would you like to use the Sass stylesheet preprocessor for your CSS?
Would you like to enable internationalization support?
Which testing frameworks would you like to use?
Would you like to use incremental Liquibase changelogs?
Would you like to install other generators from the JHipster Marketplace?


Isn’t that similar to what Luminus is already doing, in a way?


I thought of that too yes. But this also seems more comprehensive at first glance, because it also includes different deployment architectures?


Yes, JHipster has a lot more configurations, and also a model driven development approach for your data behind it


somewhat - jhipster had a web ui though

Jakub Šťastný17:08:14

@deleted-user so some catalogue of example apps? I'd totally love that.


related - every time i've looked at polylith i've thought it was silly


but now i'm reading and going "oooh no that kinda makes sense"