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Hi, can I find great clojure dev with around full time with 500 to 600 USD per week here?


So, 2-3 hours of work per week at going freelancer rates?


Sorry but full time.


I am poor business man, want to be grow together.


That’s a very low rate for a US-based developer working full-time.


Do you know another one who is outside of US?


I don’t, no.

R.A. Porter15:08:23

@U02931W4EB0 it would help your query if you included your location. I assume that rate is not out of line where you are; letting people know that there is an opportunity where they are might help you find candidates. As indicated by others in the thread, that rate would not garner the attention of developers in many places.


So, 2-3 hours of work per week at going freelancer rates?

Jakub Šťastný16:08:33

Well since we are on the subject, what are the normal CLJ rates? I'm specifically interested in rates for remote, non-US (that is happy to work for any country, but I'm not based in the US, although same time zone as the central time zone). • What is the usual range of contract rate, remote, out of US living person? • What is the usual range of yearly salary, remote?

Jakub Šťastný16:08:27

And related, are there any sites that could give insights into this? I remember back in the day when I was living in London was a great resource, but that's relevant only for the UK.


You could maybe get the data and filter it from,, or even Upwork and such.


There are websites that give you a (more or less) global overview (ie. Linkedin Jobs section, Stackoverflow Jobs section, Brave Clojure Jobs, etc.) and then a lot of country-specific websites. Something similar to what you included for the UK would be in Germany for example :)


It's highly dependant on what you use it for, I guess there will be a lot of variance