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Michaël Salihi20:06:11

That's it! The Reagent frontend of inertia Ping CRM Clojure / ClojureScript port is 100% done! • Online demo updated and it's very fluid: • Complete backend + frontend source code:

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Cool stuff! Although, 3.2 MB of CSS is a lot. JS bundle is also quite big for what it does. Is that because of Inertia?

Michaël Salihi06:06:05

Thanks for your feedback! Optimization was not my priority until now. Writing the back and front end was time consuming knowing that I also had to write this library to make Inertia works with Clojure. Configuring PostCSS + Tailwind purge will fix the file size concern, this is the next and current step. Stay tuned!


really nice


<body class="font-sans leading-none text-gray-700 antialiased">
    <div data-page="{&quot;component&quot;:&quot;Organizations/Index&quot;,&quot;props&quot;:{&quot;organizations&quot;:{&quot;data&quot;:[{&quot;postal_code&quot;:&quot;18808-dfgf&quot;,&quot;address&quot;:&quot;36196 Fritz Plaza Suite 984&quot;,&quot;email&quot;:&quot;[email protected]&quot;,&quot;deleted_at&quot;:null,&quot;...
this was surprising to me, I would’ve thought that there is a length limit in data attributes, but apparently in html5 there is no limit

Michaël Salihi10:06:52

Exactly, no limiit. However to take into consideration, the browser history state limit even if it is wide:

Michaël Salihi10:06:42

Note that the server-side rendering is coming, it's only in early access for sponsors for the moment. I have access to it so it's the next step I'm going to have fun on. 🙂


that’s running React on the backend to render it, I assume

Michaël Salihi10:06:53

Yes, there is also solutions for Vue and Svelte too.

Michaël Salihi15:06:13

@U751SU53R > Although, 3.2 MB of CSS is a lot. FYI The repo contains now the PostCSS and Tailwind setup! The CSS size is drop to 7,22 Kb Gziped (27,46 Kb)


Nice! Curious how much Inertia increases the JS (or CSS) bundle size by itself. Do you happen to know? Can’t find it in their docs.

Michaël Salihi18:06:29

Inertia is not responsible and therefore has no impact on the CSS.

Michaël Salihi18:06:46

Here, you can check a report build with npx shadow-cljs run Compared to the values on this site, the bundle sizes match: •[email protected][email protected]

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