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It is not always easy writing a CLJC library, having to handle both Clojure and Clojurescript. So here is a little template that might help you: Not saying that it is perfect (it isn't), but you might get some inspiration 🙂

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Happy to take PRs though, if there are obvious improvements that can benefit everyone


Great! I am one that looks for templates when I am about to do something new. Last time I made a cljc library, I noticed the lack for templates here. 😀

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Karol Wójcik10:06:24

During the weekend I've made a really simple text-to-speech application which demonstrates the power of holy-lambda, AWS Polly, babashka runtime and scittle. Hope you will like it guys. Demo: Project:

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I'm happy to announce a new release of Mirabelle (, a stream processing engine for monitoring heavily inspired by Riemann ( I also wrote recently a documentation website for it (, and published today an article about how I use it for blackbox monitoring ( As always, i'm open for feedbacks 😉

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