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Adam Helins09:06:10

It is not always easy writing a CLJC library, having to handle both Clojure and Clojurescript. So here is a little template that might help you: Not saying that it is perfect (it isn't), but you might get some inspiration 馃檪

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Adam Helins09:06:24

Happy to take PRs though, if there are obvious improvements that can benefit everyone


Great! I am one that looks for templates when I am about to do something new. Last time I made a cljc library, I noticed the lack for templates here. 馃榾

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having authored similarly focused templates, one thing I'd recommend is to template the CI integration as well. Especially featuring a comprehensive test matrix

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Adam Helins14:06:12

@U45T93RA6 Quite right! Although I am not sure if it should be part of the template itself. I often disliked templates where you have to spend some time removing everything you don't want. So for the time being at least I've added it to an "extra" folder in the repo.

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Adam Helins10:06:30

test.check is a wonderful tool. It helps me find edge cases even in very simple, dumb assertions. For any non-trivial example, it is a bliss. However, from experience, it is often hard locating precisely what make a test fails in any non-trivial example. I hope this couple of lightweight abstractions will help you as much as they helped me in organizing your generative tests and being highly productive:

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This looks interesting. Would it make sense to add an example or two about how failing test output compares to when multiplexing isn't used?

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Jakub Hol媒 (HolyJak)19:06:05

A typo in the Readme :effictive

Adam Helins14:06:22

@U08BJGV6E Indeed, it was maybe too abstract. I added outputs in README, hopefully it's clearer


nice one

Karol W贸jcik10:06:24

During the weekend I've made a really simple text-to-speech application which demonstrates the power of holy-lambda, AWS Polly, babashka runtime and scittle. Hope you will like it guys. Demo: Project:

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Mathieu Corbin12:06:28

I'm happy to announce a new release of Mirabelle (, a stream processing engine for monitoring heavily inspired by Riemann ( I also wrote recently a documentation website for it (, and published today an article about how I use it for blackbox monitoring ( As always, i'm open for feedbacks 馃槈

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Jakub Hol媒 (HolyJak)20:06:15

Mirabelle use the same protocol than Riemann. - should be "as"? Streams clocks -> Streams' clocks?