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Daniel Slutsky14:06:34

Hi. Assume that I want to send some information to the CIDER REPL before every evaluation. More concretely, I want to extend CIDER so that it will send to the REPL process the whole contents of the currently edited buffer (as a String), just before any piece of code is evaluated. • Is it a bad idea for some reason? • Is there a hook for doing something before every evaluation? (couldn't find one)


That sounds like you’re typing into the repl buffer instead of typing into the file buffer which is usually recommended

Daniel Slutsky21:06:49

Thanks @U06BE1L6T! I'm typing into the file, but want the REPL to know about the exact file contents.


Why not just evaluate the whole buffer?

Daniel Slutsky07:06:20

Oh, I need to create an up-to-date html page that shows the code of the whole namespace, every time we the user evaluates anything (working on the next version of the Notespace tool).


I don't think there's a hook for this, but there's some functionality that auto-evals the ns form before eval, that you can potentially copy/extend for your purposes.