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@lucian303 I’m just starting with Pedestal. Maybe reitit could be an alternative solution?


@merklefabian yes, maybe. it looks like reitit does solve this problem by providing the router with the request which should be a no brainer for any app that lives in more than one namespace. i actually wanted to use reitit to begin with but good luck trying to figure out how to hook it into pedestal. i gave up after a couple of days


@souenzzo that is interesting. i'm not sure how that would work but i'll look into it. i was not able to get with-bindings to work. it just results in an unbound fn. i'm also not sure it would refer to the correct router in pedestal as there are multiple ones, one for each server


@lucian303 can you push a small example into github?


yes, but it may not be till tomorrow

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