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Hello, I am Kim from I am looking for a front end and full stack engineer to help us grow. • Our goal: reinventing pro banking from scratch using cryptocurrencies and blockchain • Our technology in 3 words: ClojureScript, Firebase, Ethereum • Our assets for you: remote-friendly, backed by and US investors ( et the front end job offer / here for the full stack offer. Let's talk about it for 5 minutes ? Cheers,


Hi there, @U0249CR6E14. Great to hear about initiatives utilizing Clojure tech! You’ll get much more (and more relevant) attention on this in #jobs and #remote-jobs


Hello Pez, thank you very much for this tip. Cheers, Kim

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@U0249CR6E14 I deleted your post here because I don’t want other new folks to see it and think it’s OK to post jobs in this channel — but feel free to post an introduction about yourself and your use of / interest in Clojure.

Prem Kurian Philip10:06:25

Hi, I am writing a backend for a e-commerce platform in Clojure. I am also interested in mobile app development using Clojure and Clojurescript

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