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Released Datalevin 0.2.8. Major performance improvement, now Datalevin has faster queries than Datascript.

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The release 0.4.0 of neanderthal-stick is available. Neanderthal-stick extends Dragan's superb Neanderthal library with save/load functionality. Note that Neanderthal-stick is able to save the data that are currently on the GPU and load them elsewhere (or vice versa) - switching native/CUDA/OpenCL contexts as necessary. What's new: - Updated to the Neanderthal 0.33 release. - Updated to the Nippy 2.15.0 release. - Test newly supported types of submatrices with neanderthal-stick extensions. Gihub: Enjoy, Kamil

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clj-kondo v2020.07.26: 🆕 format string argument count checking!

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And some other enhancements: Go to #clj-kondo to discuss.

danielcompton23:07:31 Clojurists Together is funding 3 projects $9,000 over three months to work on their Clojure project. Apply by Tue 28 July midnight PST. Discussion in #cljtogether

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*Update:* We've extended applications until 31st July 11:59pm PST to give people a little longer to apply.

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