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OK. So dear Calva-friends. I am getting ready to release this new version of Calva sporting the output window change. The thing keeping me from doing it right now is that I must catch some sleep and that I haven't understood the vanishing exception thing, that @hoppy reported. Please help test this RC: Please see and give feedback on this markdown file as well, which holds the relevant documentation page that will go up along with the release:

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Cris B10:07:41

A couple of things I noticed today: • If I jack in, disconnect, and jack in again, I get a file save conflict on the output file. • 'load current namespace in REPL' doesn't change the ns in the output window. Perhaps this is expected behaviour? But if so it's confusing if a user is trying to use the output window as a REPL


Thanks! When do you get the file save conflict? ”automatically” or do you do anything more than disconnect and jack-in again?


I'll see what I can do about that second thing. I think it will be some confusion around this while there are still two REPLs, but this particular one is probably fixable by just doing what you expect to happen.

Cris B12:07:07

I had a bunch of stuff going on when I first noticed the file save conflict. But then I tried from a fresh start - just jacking in, disconnecting and then jacking in again (both with and without closing the output editor window while disconnected). I got the conflict each time. Easily managed by just telling vs code to overwrite, but perhaps not ideal.


No, not ideal. I think I should be able to avoid it.


@U0ETXRFEW, I went through several projects with the current build - jvm, node, and bb, and I'll say that the exception stuff is getting handled properly now. in node and bb, we get an indication of what went on, and in JVM we get a nice data-structure showing the exception info.


Awesome. Thanks for checking up on it!


everybody in my little circle, me included, likes the repl window changes.