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Something strange is going on with s3 deps and tools-deps. I’m on Given this deps.edn,

{:deps      {com.datomic/dev-local    {:mvn/version "0.9.184"}
             com.datomic/client-cloud {:mvn/version "0.8.102"}}
 :mvn/repos {"kwill-mvn" {:url ""}}}
the output of clojure -Stree -Sforce is
org.clojure/clojure 1.10.1
  org.clojure/core.specs.alpha 0.2.44
  org.clojure/spec.alpha 0.2.176
com.datomic/dev-local 0.9.184
com.datomic/client-cloud 0.8.102
  com.cognitect/anomalies 0.1.12
  com.datomic/client 0.8.111
It is not picking up the dev-local deps specified in the jar’s pom.xml. If I change the dev-local dep to be a local/root pointing to the Maven jar, I get the correct tree.
{:deps      {com.datomic/dev-local    {:local/root "/Users/kenny/.m2/repository/com/datomic/dev-local/0.9.184/dev-local-0.9.184.jar"}
             com.datomic/client-cloud {:mvn/version "0.8.102"}}
 :mvn/repos {"kwill-mvn" {:url ""}}}
Output of clojure -Stree -Sforce
org.clojure/clojure 1.10.1
  org.clojure/core.specs.alpha 0.2.44
  org.clojure/spec.alpha 0.2.176
com.datomic/dev-local /Users/kenny/.m2/repository/com/datomic/dev-local/0.9.184/dev-local-0.9.184.jar
  org.clojure/tools.analyzer 0.6.9 2.3.4
Note how dev-local is now bringing in deps and previously it was not.


If I recall, maven doesn't use the pom out of a jar, it keeps the pom alongside the jar, so it looks like you are deploying your jar to your maven repo with a different pom then you are building into it


Ah, that does make sense. From a previous discussion with Alex, I was under the impression that I only needed to upload a jar & a hash to s3 to get it to work.


That may be the minimal required for maven to download the jar, but more may be required to communicate dependencies


I think you may actually just be seeing bad output from -Stree


in general, -Stree will only list a dep once (even when it's included under multiple branches) - and it's pretty arbitrary where you will see it. for these two libs there are many shared deps.


these two deps particularly share deps but with different exclusion sets, a case where this version of clj newly makes better, more intentional and reproducible choices. Unfortunately, -Stree is built from the lib map, which does not retain the original path structure and it's quite likely to see deps incorrectly under exclude points (because they are included at other places). -Stree is actively misleading in these cases. (the actual set of libs is right though!)


what I'm trying to say is you may have seen two different things from -Stree, and yet they are actually both right in terms of the transitive lib set, but wrong in how they are showing you the tree