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Released a new library A data-driven database mapper / validation library. Built with HoneySQL / Malli. Inspired by Elixir's Ecto A guide can be found here with all the features:

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Hi everyone, I'm pleased to announce the 0.1.3 release ofĀĀ which aims to make screenshots more consistent and moves away from webfolder/cdp4j, which is a breaking change but important as cdp4j did not have good license terms for general use. Instead, clj-chrome-devtools provides a much nicer API for Clojure. This releaseĀ changes: ā€¢ kamera now usesĀ clj-chrome-devtoolsĀ instead of webfolder/cdp4j. If you used theĀ sessionĀ parameter in any of the callback hooks you will need to update your code. Additionally theĀ :chrome-optionsĀ config setting has changed, see the README for an example. ā€¢ The browser window is now resized to fit the content height only before taking a screenshot by default. This behaviour is controlled by theĀ :resize-to-contentsĀ option, see the README This releaseĀ fixes: ā€¢ Expand / contract icons in the report not showing up properly

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Hello everyone, happy Monday! I have just released an extra exciting update to Calva. It brings the fruits of the Clojurists Together Summer of Bugs. Calva now displays evaluation results in a much richer and useful way, and at the same time a new, smarter, REPL window has been born. My hope is that this latter fact will remove a whole category of issues and quirks with Calva. Please feel invited to join #calva and discuss this release or whatever Calva issue you like. Read more about the output/repl window mini-project on ClojureVerse:

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Markus Str08:07:52

Great work @U0ETXRFEW! It's great how fast Calva is improving. I'm teaching Clojure to my brother and we both really like it so far


Same here. Great work @U0ETXRFEW. I'm migrating to Calva and would like to grow a Clojure company. I plan to contribute a Jack-in configuration for gradle clojurephant. I've tested the update and it works ok for me šŸ™‚


Wonderful feedback! Please consider writing a review on the marketplace. šŸ˜ƒ Looking forward to that jack-in conf!



Markus Str18:07:10

yep just left a 5 star

Markus Str18:07:03

one thing that would be nice is if you could easily copy/paste from/to the REPL window in VScode. That seems to be still a bit hard


Awesome. Thanks!


Not sure I follow on what you want there. Can you describe the use cases a bit?