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Hi everyone, I'm pleased to announce the release of re-graph is a GraphQL client for Clojurescript and Clojure with re-frame bindings and support for queries, subscriptions and mutations over websocket or HTTP. Many thanks to for implementing the vast majority of the features in this release. This release changes: • Running on JDK 10 or lower will require the original Clojure implementation based on clj-http and gniazdo. See the details • The options supplied in `init` have been reorganised to separate websocket and http parameters (again, see README) This release adds support for: • Finer control over the http and websocket connections (`:impl` option) e.g. sharing a cookie store as per This release improves: • Fewer dependencies on the JVM It's available now on Clojars. Thanks and enjoy, Oliy

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Ivan Fedorov10:06:47

Just launched my all-Clojure project Lightpad on Product Hunt. Lightpad is a calendar that lets you use your excellent visual cortex for planning. Support, repost, critique (even brutal) and comments are most welcome! Cheers!

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Really cool idea beautifully executed. As a calendar are you planning to do integrations with google, icloud, etc? Or is it more for tracking daily work?


also I signed up but can't login anymore saying I haven't confirmed my email (but there's no email in my inbox or spam)


possible I could have fat fingered my email

Ivan Fedorov11:06:40

@U5RFD1733 hey! thanks for the kind words! that would make a good tweet methinks 😉 Yes, Google Calendar is on top of my dev stack! I’ll try the iCloud as well, as I’m myself in this ecosystem. Can you DM me your email? I’ll check


'all-clojure' awesome! congrats! @ognivo do you have any blog post about this tech stack and details? would be very interesting. (edit: fix typo)

Ivan Fedorov11:06:02

@U3NP9AM0S thanks!! will do!

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@ognivosuper!! 🙂 thank you.

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Ivan Fedorov11:06:47

@U5RFD1733 I’ve checked mail delivery w my personal email, it worked!


hm, I probably mistyped it then


I guess I don't use iCloud for calendars, so not a vote for that platform in particular. gcal and fastmail are the two I use

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Ivan Fedorov12:06:47

Every feedback, critique, nitpick comment on PH helps a lot!


don't have a PH account, will create one in a bit

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I can export my data in edn. heavenly!

Ivan Fedorov07:06:08

@U7JHWBCS0 fellow Clojurians don’t let fellow Clojurians to use anything less than edn 🙂

Ivan Fedorov07:06:49

@U7JHWBCS0 That would make a good tweet btw!

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Ivan Fedorov08:06:30

#5 of the day on PH, thank you all for the support! ❤️

Ivan Fedorov08:06:14

if it helps anyone – I’ve published a PWA gen library which I use for Lightpad

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Rowan Barnard11:06:28

@ognivo Looks cool and interesting!

Ivan Fedorov11:06:15

thanks a lot! that would make a good tweet! 😉 haha

Rowan Barnard11:06:38

You're welcome 🙂

Ivan Fedorov11:06:42

Also, a comment w critique or feedback on Product Hunt would really help! 🙂

Rowan Barnard12:06:26

Out of curiosity - is it informed by any UI research or it is just your own original creation?

Rowan Barnard12:06:13

OK I will post on Product Hunt

Rowan Barnard12:06:39

OK I posted, short and to the point 😄

Rowan Barnard12:06:49

I hope it's OK

Ivan Fedorov12:06:47

THanks a lot 😁 ! Yeah, you can add your question there, that would enrich the discussion !

Rowan Barnard12:06:48

I haven't used it yet myself, just watched the video, but I haven't been happy with normal calendars like Google and this looks like an interesting approach to making them more usable.

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Folks, please don't have discussions in the #announcements channel -- follow-up in other channels instead. Thanks.

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Rowan Barnard11:06:47

Ah OK, sorry about that, new to Slack, which channels are best to follow-up on?


@UC2U7E30B usually people posting announcements add a “follow up in #xyz” alongside their announcements. As a reply to the original announcement post is also fine though 🙂

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(in a thread, not a new post Martin means)

Rowan Barnard22:06:56

Ah OK thanks, I'm pretty sure I understand now 🙂


Just released matchete - simple pattern-matching library for clojure(script) It was strongly inspired by meander (awesome tool for data transformation) Main differences: • small codebase (~250 cloc => 2.4Kb extra code in compiled javascript bundle) • no macro to make library composable and fully working in JavaScript environment • extendable via data by adding custom matching rules

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Pushed version 0.1.1 for . This should fix the validation for forms

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