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This is I got when connect to shadow-cljs nRepl

Execution error (FileNotFoundException) at shadow.user/eval31100 (REPL:1).
Could not locate orchard/info__init.class, orchard/info.clj or orchard/info.cljc on classpath.
Execution error (FileNotFoundException) at shadow.user/eval31102 (REPL:1).
Could not locate orchard/xref__init.class, orchard/xref.clj or orchard/xref.cljc on classpath.
Execution error (FileNotFoundException) at shadow.user/eval31104 (REPL:1).
Could not locate orchard/clojuredocs__init.class, orchard/clojuredocs.clj or orchard/clojuredocs.cljc on classpath.


Are you connecting on nrepl port? Also, I believe the message is harmless, and it'll only appear once.. There's already an issue to investigate it 🙂


hi folks! Brand new to clojure and I use Atom and at recommendation of @seancorfield in the protorepl channel, he said to come here and use Chlorine. As a complete noob, is there anything else I need for Atom (other than ink prereq) to get going with Clojure? Thanks!


You no longer need Ink I believe (maybe the docs still say you do). Chlorine will install what it needs as dependencies anyway.


I would recommend lisp-paredit and/or parinfer packages.


They make editing Clojure easier.


linter-kondo is helpful too -- it'll flag potential bugs in your code as well as help with style suggestions.


I assume i need to install "linter" first?


Maybe. I'm not sure whether linter-kondo automatically installs dependencies or not.


The nice thing about Chlorine is that it works with both nREPL / Leiningen and Socket REPL / Clojure CLI / deps.edn


(although I'd probably stick with a Socket REPL, even with Leiningen since I prefer to avoid the nREPL stack altogether)


Which timezone are you in @samdynamicsllc? Things get a bit quiet here this late at night Pacific time but it picks up later as Europe comes online and then as the East Coast US comes online later.


I am in Seattle (pacific)


Thanks for all your help @seancorfield! Really appreciate it.


you started to lose me here though... "The nice thing about Chlorine is that it works with both nREPL / Leiningen and Socket REPL / Clojure CLI / deps.edn"... I am like Day One noob with Clojure. Does Chlorine work standalone as REPL? Or do I need nREPL / Socket REPL etc.? I apologize for my ignorance. I am working through all the terms still 🙂


No problem. And, yeah, you're in the same TZ as me (San Francisco area).

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With Chlorine, you start a REPL separately, in a terminal, and then connect Chlorine to it.


Most of the tutorials / book will set you up with Leiningen, and that starts what's called an "nREPL Server":

(! 501)-> lein repl
nREPL server started on port 62468 on host - 
REPL-y 0.4.4, nREPL 0.6.0
Clojure 1.10.0
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM 14+36-1461
    Docs: (doc function-name-here)
          (find-doc "part-of-name-here")
  Source: (source function-name-here)
 Javadoc: (javadoc java-object-or-class-here)
    Exit: Control+D or (exit) or (quit)
 Results: Stored in vars *1, *2, *3, an exception in *e

^ nREPL server started on port 62468, so you can tell Chlorine to connect to localhost, port 62468. (it might show some errors in the Chlorine REPL tab when it starts -- that's just it testing for optional functionality... it'll still work just fine)


lein repl tends to start up on a different REPL each time.


If you start with the Getting Started stuff on, that'll lead you to use the Clojure CLI / deps.edn which is a modern alternative to lein. But both are fine. Whatever your books / tutorials recommend. You can always install and use both at different times.


Are you on Windows or macOS/Linux @samdynamicsllc?


Yeah, just saw that in the #beginners thread -- and I responded there.


oh wow jeez thanks so much for all your help! too kind!


I'm about to head to bed but I'll be around all day tomorrow I expect. Feel free to hit me up via DM if you get stuck. I have Atom/Chlorine etc all set up on a Windows laptop, even tho' I do most of my Clojure work on a macOS desktop.


@seancorfield I can't thank you enough! I will let you know how it goes. Have a busy "day job" work day tomorrow so don't know how much I will get through 😉 But I will dive in the next day or two installing clojure based on your recommendations and will let you know if I run into trouble.


Hi, @samdynamicsllc, were you able to make it work? Also, Chlorine doesn't need Ink anymore (dropped on 0.7.0 version). The README of Chlorine shows how to start a socket REPL both on Windows and *nix systems, so if you become stuck, you can open an issue and I'll update the documentation 🙂