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Endre Bakken Stovner09:06:10

Anyone remember the name of that apple engineer who had talks/papers about interactive programming? I think he inspired light table...


Bret Victor maybe? I don’t know whether he worked for Apple, but might be.

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Endre Bakken Stovner09:06:33

Thanks. Needed a citation for a paper. Now I can start looking XD

Hardik Jain14:06:45

Hey guys, I gave a go at some JS and got a chance to create this really cool Chrome extension – I have a lot of tabs open at once, helps me a lot! Hope it helps you guys too! 😄

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Ivan Fedorov15:06:16

Cool! Good work! Reagent?

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Hardik Jain13:06:17

No, just plain react! 🙂

Ivan Fedorov15:06:05

Just launched my all-Clojure project Lightpad on Product Hunt. Lightpad is a calendar that lets you use your excellent visual cortex for planning. Support, tweets, critique (even brutal) and comments are most welcome! Cheers!

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This looks awesome!

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Ivan Fedorov19:06:34

@U050KSS8M this looks like a good Tweet! ❤️


Extremely impressive! I don't have any use for a calendar myself though. How long have you been working on this?

Ivan Fedorov14:06:41

@U0DHHFEDP it’s an old backend, and frontend took 7-8 months to mature, but that’s including many other entrepreneurial activities including user testing, learning to do community stuff etc.