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Any spacemacs users?


@srijayanth check out #spacemacs

Daniils Petrovs12:06:38

Hey guys! Anyone have experience promoting ClojureScript in your company? For context - in my fairly large organization, we use TypeScript and Scala.js actively, however for our large department we have found a pretty great use of ClojureScript for certain projects and would like to promote its usage and have it be officially approved. Maybe someone has a similar story?

David Pham17:06:51

@thedanpetrov I had the same experience albeit smaller constraints. I basically made a proof by example that ClojureScript was a good solution for many of the problems we had. Smaller code base, fewer bugs, faster time to create features, easy marketing on the tooling (reframe 10x, hot code reloading, repl).

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David Pham17:06:36

I think it is hard to convince management on a single project but if you keep the pace for several projects, management usually a receptive to speed of change and amount of bugs.

David Pham17:06:39

An additional plus for my team was that I could use CLJ for everything where we were weak (node, web, mobile and devops (Babashka is crazy).

David Pham17:06:19

And finally management saw we were a happy and productive team, so when we mentioned CLJ being a huge factor they agreed to use it.


@neo2551 making a proof of concept is a great approach; picture is worth 1000 words, proof of concept is worth 1000 pictures 😃

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I am now asking at work to allow me use cljs, I said that if I have to choose between TS and this, it's not really a choice.