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The only thing stopping me from further exploration of using graalvm with clojure (I know the patch is coming with the resolution to lockable thing), is the inability for graalvm to resolve directories, e.g., for configuration files:


@dharrigan patch coming? the patch is already there: 1.10.2-alpha1. getResource should also work, but you have to configure it to include resources in the binary.


yes, that's the patch I'm referring to


clj-kondo uses this extensively


getResource might work, but for libraries that use a different mechanism, it might fail


Looking forward to 1.10.2 when it eventually comes out


I do use flyway


I wonder if that can load from resource...


Unprefixed locations or locations with the classpath: prefix target the Java classpath.


will check later

Patrick Farwick15:06:32

Hello. I was hoping to get some guidance (or at least maybe a fresh look) on an issue I am running into. I am using graalvm version 20.1.0.java11 and native image to create a binary using github actions. It is using the latest ubuntu image as a base and when I test the binary in the github action it does work as expected. The problem is when I download the binary and run it on my fedora box I am getting a SEGFAULT error. Anyone have any ideas on what could be causing this? Thanks!


@patrick.farwick CircleCI is known to not have this problem.

Patrick Farwick17:06:14

adding --static to the native-image build seemed to do the trick

Patrick Farwick17:06:22

mustve been an issue with glibc?

Patrick Farwick17:06:36

I have not checked out circleci but will eventually give it a go


@patrick.farwick Note that --static is only supported for linux binaries and may give other problems.

Patrick Farwick17:06:44

I appreciate the heads up!