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howdy @marshall, just following up on that question of AMI configuration 🙂 also, i have a new question, about DynamoDB and garbage collection. we GC once a week, for a-month-ago-or-older as the manual suggests. our ddb table is 220gb+ big. a fresh Datomic restore is ~35gb. should we just do a table hopscotch every so often? what is all that extra data, if not the stuff the Datomic GC process would catch?


@robert-stuttaford I’ll try to get something for the AMI config today or tomorrow, sorry for the delay The additional storage is likely unrecoverable garbage, which can be generated by failed indexing jobs and/or transactor failovers during indexing. Yes, the easiest way to deal with it is to restore your DB into a fresh table


thank you @marshall - that's helpful!