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Dorna Gilani14:06:06

Hi Clojurians! I am looking for in a mid to senior level Software Developer/Engineer at ATA, LLC. This position is HQ’ed in Northern VA, but we are open to remote work as long as you’re a U.S Citizen or hold U.S Permanent Residency. These are the main elements that I am looking for, but not all are 100% mandatory, and could be substituted with a strong work ethic and an ability to learn quickly. Experience: • 3+ years backend development experience • 1+ years building and deploying containerized services • Time spent upgrading and integrating with legacy systems -- Specifically ones you haven’t worked on. Languages: • We primarily user Python and Clojure on the backend though this isn’t a deal breaker • We user clojurescript on the frontend and unlike backend work, this is problematic without previous experience Skills: • Building RESTful services • Kafka/MongoDB/Postgres • Kubernetes -- We primarily use EKS or AKS, but any working knowledge of Kubernetes is huge. Nice to Have: • Experience with Rust • Experience with distributed systems • Experience as a network engineer or developing/deploying cloud networks Characteristics: • Humility • Demonstrable strong work ethic • Ability to learn and practice new concepts easily 

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Hello, I am based in Cape Town, South. Africa, I currently consult as a Devops Consultant, but use Clojure extensively in my spare time