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org.clojure/ {:mvn/version "1.0.78"} -- convert between Clojure data structures and Java Beans (and other Java objects) -- -- adds new from-java-shallow multi-method that provides functionality similar to clojure.core/bean but works on a wider variety of Java objects and also provides options to omit properties that would derive from "dangerous" methods (such as .getMoreResults on java.sql.Statement which is a mutating function!) and to provide control over how exceptions are handled (instead of just blowing up). This was done primarily to support datafication of richer Java objects (such as what next.jdbc now allows). Note: from-java has existed for a while and performs a deep (recursive) conversion. Follow-up in #clojure

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A new release of Closh, unix shell based on Clojure, is out. It adds features and fixes for the JVM version to improve experience when using it as a primary interactive shell.

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