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Hi everyone, I am pleased to announce the first release of neanderthal-stick 0.1.0 - save/load extensions to Dragan's Neaderthal matrix library. The focus of Neanderthal-stick is saving neanderthal data to a disk and importing them back fast and with as little ceremony as possible. Note that Neanderthal-stick is able to save the data that are currently on the GPU and load them elsewhere (or vice versa) - switching native/CUDA/OpenCL contexts as necessary. The library uses Nippy under the hood to store the metadata and pure direct buffers to save the actual contents of vectors or matrices. It doesn't attempt to support any of myriads of existing data formats that are used in the wild but it can be used as a support code if anyone wanted to do that. Gihub: Dependency info:

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Awesome, really useful piece of functionality!!


[ANN] Cognitect Labs' aws-api 0.8.437 is now available!!topic/clojure/AIQzOkhUDBU

Jarrod Taylor (Clojure team)21:02:36

[ANN] Schema Cartographer provides a means to visualize, navigate, create, edit and share the relationships that exist in your Datomic schema.

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