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@pez i've been working on integrating the various attempts at clojure grammars for tree-sitter. still more work to be done, but here is what i was able to do using the parse tree


with the caveat that the grammar is not complete, current performance to parse (via tree-sitter's cli) is about 20ms for clojure.core here.


the image is mostly about demoing the outline view constructed -- some of the highlighting was also done via info obtained from tree-sitter.


20ms is crazyily fast. I'll clock my various parsers and see what I have.


looking forward to your numbers! would like to execute tests locally too so the environment is consistent for tests. i hope it is practical to reproduce your testing.


Yeah, I'd love to run your tests as well. Even if I think the magnitude will tell us the story anyway.


makes sense. i'll try to put some of these bits up somewhere before long 🙂