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Ramon Rios11:02:09

Hello folks! I'm trying to create some ETL with clojure on a Mysql database and a Neo4j database. Does anyone recommend some library that could help with it?


probably or would help!

Tzafrir Ben Ami11:02:33

didn't try it myself, but gorillalabs/neo4j-clj looks like a project to pull some ideas from regarding Neo4j

Ramon Rios11:02:23

I'll look at that

Ramon Rios11:02:57

I need to grab just one table for now, so it could not be so complex


@ramon.rios see also #sql if you need something specific


Was attemping to get newish channel #mid-cities-meetup in the log archives, and wanted to confirm: • Is Log Bot the right bot to add • is the url still to find the archives? • or am I going down the wrong track for that?


Oops. Didn’t see this earlier message. cc @U07FP7QJ0 1. Yep. I had some problems inviting the bot. I think I had to mention it in a message, because /invite didn’t work — memory is a little fuzzy on this. Can you describe what actually worked? 2. Yep. (I usually access it via Google, so I never have typed the URL in. 🙂 Partly because the Slack archive doesn’t have search that’s easily accessible. (Maybe something I will try adding. 🙂 3. Go go go!


I took the url from the top of #clojure


just mentioned log bot, so will see when it starts picking up conversations


although the #clojure channel looks to be a couple of days out of date; but maybe that is just eventual consistency... 😉


@steven.proctor thanks for the heads up, seems it's still updating (see for instance, but it's showing an old version of the date index


should be fixed now. We had really bad performance on the app for a while which led us to set up very aggressive caching at the nginx level, I've changed it to only cache up to a day now and flushed the nginx and cloudflare caches


Thanks for the update!!


There is a slack mirror on zulip as well


Thought of it as I heard @genekim mention the project that does the archiving with Datomic during his Conj talk and how he was looking at it for another Slack workspace


Yep! Just learned from @U07FP7QJ0 that you merely need to invite @logbot into the channel. I think he said that this was common knowledge, but I certainly didn’t know. Not sure where instructions should be put — maybe in the Clojurians Slack Archive site? Perhaps something at the bottom that says, “Looking for a channel that isn’t here? Just add @logbot to the channel!” (Ideally, the channel creator would have learned sooner, say at channel creation time, but not sure how one would do that…)

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saw the messages being lost, and wanted to see if we could get #mid-cities-meetup included in the archive if it wasn't already


Any other bots/things that might be recommended to be added for that channel?


I'm not sure if Datomic is involved in any of this, but could be. I'm not aware of other logging stuff.


Thanks for your podcast btw, it's been a source of useful entertainment


Thanks for the kind words!!!


TIL about the ts query param (for tabstop) in GH can make Golang read more nicely for us lisp heads...


Do anyone know how do I parse AmazonYAML in clojure/JVM? clj-yaml can't understand that !Ref things


that's an interesting question. if you know the answer, will you also post it here?


A while ago dis some experiments on parsing those local tags in Cloudformation yaml:

parrot 4

the tag support in snakeyaml is quite Java class inheritance heavy, if I recall correctly


would need some Clojure interop foo to make it feel more like data