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For anyone, like me, who's interested in Roam Research (, the note taking tool we talked about briefly, here's a good (and overwhelming) view into how one person uses it:

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I saw this on HN and went down the rabbit hole and ended up reading about the PARA Method, now I'm actually excited to organize.


More logback magic: <configuration scan="true" scanPeriod="30 seconds"> will instruct logback to reload the config every 30s, so you can experiment with your logback settings and fine tune the output format, routing etc without restarting your application - of course the 30s is tunable


Yes! we use this to great affect in production to tweak logging too.


Of course, this only works when we have access to the file, which we do in some cases because we're using docker-compose and can just mount a resource path from the host filesystem


haven't quite figured out how to do this same level of tweaking with our kubernetes deployments


this is where @dorab’s dislike of XML and defining logback config in edn is definitely a good idea ;-)


I've toyed with the idea of exposing an endpoint on our application that accepts new log config, or maybe just the ability to tweak the log level for a particular package


:thinking_face: that's an interesting approach