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hi. how can i set calva to display inline eval results in the code block, not only in the repl window? can't seem to find it anywhere..


How do you mean in the code block?


yes, like in the editor pane


VS Code doesn't really allow for showing it there. But it is printed in two places. One is the output channel Calva says , the other is in the hover of the evaluated code. So if you hover on that (or just hit cmd+k cmd+i , you'll see the results in the hover. The hover is scrollable and there is a Copy link at the top. The link gives no feedback, but itactually copies the evaluated results to the clipboard.


@U0ETXRFEW Perhaps I illustrate it with Calva docs : ) In the screenshot you the result evaluated inline, see last line, starting with ==> This is what i'd like to toggle on my systems


I don't follow. Is it that you don't know how to evaluate inline?


@U96LS78UV This is done with the "Evaluate current form" and "Evaluate current top level form" commands


Otherwise, I'm not sure what you mean, but in the screenshot you posted that is how that is achieved


Not really ) I don't get evaluation results inline at all. The text block is highlighted, but no result is displayed inline (the result is displayed in the repl window alright)


It is different commands for evaluating inline and evaluating to the repl window. It looks like you are using the command for evaluating to the repl window.


yes, this is the one! my shortcuts evaluate to repl and I am so used to Atom's doing both I never realised it's two seperate commands : ) thanks!


Awesome. Might be a way to get rid of a lot of commands...


I actually heard in a podcast that someone using Calva for this feature and though i might use it as well : )


Very nice! My most used command is evaluate top level form. From inside comment forms.


Which podcast, btw?