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New article on raising issues and pull requests for Spacemacs, from with Spacemacs. Includes a video walk through of creating a pull request for the Clojure layer.


@jr0cket you guides on spacemaces are a huge help to a newbie like me. Thank you!


Should be a lot more videos coming soon, now I have all the broadcasting and recording sorted out. I take requests for guides and videos (although can't promise a time frame).


I love to see an article like this for clojure:


I saw some of the API videos you had on your site but haven't watched them all yet


I believe that http-kit has been tested to support 600k request out of the box. I would like to do some load testing content, but it might be a while. Usually the constraints are I/O, like file system or number of database connections. Running on the Java Virtual Machine is very scalable. I was involved in building a Clojure system that did 30 million transactions a day and the CPU load was 0.03% across 3 servers.


Thats cool. I created a tool in python based on that blog to interface data from one ERP system into another, but I am trying to "dog food" Clojure so that I get better at it (vs. using python). I just feel like Clojure has so much to offer with core.async, and I even saw a library called Martian that can use Swagger documents to help build your requests. That is too cool.


We used core.asyc to pump out millions of requests to the enterprise message bus we had to use, Tibco. core.async worked very well even though our uses of Tibco was a bit flawed. Martian looks an interesting abstraction, thanks.