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rickmoynihan16:02:13 Not officially released yet โ€” but open to feedback


Hi everyone. Just want to announce a new release of Oz, your Simple (TM) Clojure & ClojureScript data visualization library, built on Vega-Lite & Vega. This release (version 1.5.5), is a minor release featuring: โ€ข A bug report and fix for those of you wanting to use Oz from the Clojure CLI, thanks to @viesti :man-bowing: (related to differences in class path resolution of resources) โ€ข Some documentation improvements, particularly as relates to Jupyter integration Thanks for your attention, and please let me know if you have any questions or feature requests!

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Today I'm formally announcing a library I've been working on: hx. It is a simple, easy to use library for React development in ClojureScript. hx gives you an extremely thin-but-familiar interface to React. It includes an ergonomic Hiccup-like syntax (very similar to Reagent) and a couple of helper macros for defining React components. With the release of React Hooks, I see a library like hx as being very desirable for many projects so that we can continue to leverage modern React features like Hooks, Suspense, Concurrent mode, and improvements to SSR that are coming in the next year. Feedback, questions, issues, enhancements and help are all appreciated! Reach out to me here or via Github.

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Is it able to support something like react-blessed?


it is as close to raw React as you can get, so yes

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it doesn't reference any DOM APIs at all


Great! Will have to try that out ๐Ÿ˜„


@U1GCL8V2B will probably want you to support preact. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


I think preact has a React compat API? if so, it would just need to be provided via the "react" moniker


Yeah. No change needed with preact-compat. We can plonk that into the webview as though react has been loaded from a cdn :D


If there is a change needed we can pr a compatability fix upstream. Developit is a pretty awesome guy :D


(He even follows me on github ๐Ÿ˜‚)


awesome. yeah, IMO what makes using hx tenable is the new Hooks API. if/when Preact gets Hooks support, I definitely see hx + Preact working quite well


Oh! I haven't tried hx, I will have a look, thanks!


You can follow the implementation of hooks here btw:


definitely very interested in a thin layer to react, not had a chance to try hx out yet but will be first on my list


so, hx will create react components which then can be also leveraged from reagent?


an example of that could be useful


it would be like using any other React component, either with :> or the other interop options


right, cool