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in case it might help others, the problems I was having with was incredibly stupid


in short I just changed the name of the configuration file for figwheel, and as a consequence it was always loading an old js generated file instead of the newly generated one


not sure if there is something to warn about this sort of stupidity, but maybe it's not so easy


After upgrading to ClojureScript "1.10.516" I get a warning when figwheel tries to reload my code: Can't take value of macro cljs.core/and, when the code looks like this:

(when (and beg end) ,,,)
but the warning goes away if I do this:
(let [both? (and beg end)]
      (when both? ,,,))
I guess it could be something to do with the new type inference. However, it does not happen when figwheel initially compiles the code. What is the difference between these two scenarios? Any ideas for how I can try to reproduce this without figwheel so that I can make a Jira-report to ClojureScript?


I'm also getting spurious Can't take value of macro exists? errors on occasion, out of the cljs.loader namespace, but only sometimes after an auto-refresh


I do a manual browser refresh and it disappears


exists? returning a boolean, I wonder if the new type inference is involved here as well.


yes, this is the same issue - when uses if under the hood.