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Hmm... having some trouble getting SCM information to load (`clone-failed`) for oz "1.5.4". Initially I thought this was cause I hadn't pushed the tag prior to triggering the cljdoc build, but even after minting another release and making sure everything was pushed to github, I'm still getting SCM info missing. This worked just just a single release ago; Any idea what might be going on here?


Omg, terrible mishap on my end, pushing a fixed version 🙈


Thanks for coming by and pinging me!


For context: we switched to defaulting to using SSH protocol for cloning. This worked fine in CI because some SSH keys are already installed. In production however there are no SSH keys installed and so cloning failed due to authentication issues


sorry for the hassle and thanks for coming by and raising it 🙌


No problem; Thank you so much for fixing it so quickly!