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question, does expound work with 1.10.516 ? I have a comment in my sources that it does not with 1.10.439


you should ask the author of expound (@bbrinck)


well I can definitely try it out (sorry lazy question here 😄)


1.10.439 didn’t work with expound only if you were trying to use expound for macro-expansion or instrumentation


I haven’t tried it with 1.10.516, but my guess is that all the recent great work to port over the way errors are handled will fix the issue


If you use expound for anything else, both versions should work, please open a bug if 1.10.516 doesn’t work.


seems like it works with instrumentation, just tried

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yeah I am using it for instrumentation - so will open issues, thanks for the update!


I noticed I created a duplicate for CLJS-2844 here: I thought it wasn’t implemented because I did something wrong in the REPL myself (you first have to unstrument something before the undef becomes effective). When looking into the code of CLJS-2844, I noticed that there isn’t special handling of nil here: This has the result that after undefining a spec, it’s still present in the result of (stest/checkable-syms). So, I think I’ll rename the issue to address this.