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Hi everyone. Just want to announce a new release of Oz, your Simple (TM) Clojure & ClojureScript data visualization library, built on Vega-Lite & Vega. This release (version 1.5.5), is a minor release featuring: • A bug report and fix for those of you wanting to use Oz from the Clojure CLI, thanks to @viesti :man-bowing: (related to differences in class path resolution of resources) • Some documentation improvements, particularly as relates to Jupyter integration Thanks for your attention, and please let me know if you have any questions or feedback!

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Hi! I tried to run it in IClojure but got this error.


Hmm... can you please open an issue for this?


Are you running with the official Docker image, or some other environment? I found it was tricky to get things to work on my Linux environment without the Docker image, due to issues on the Python/Conda side of things.


If not I'd recommend trying with the Docker image if you're not already doing so.


I'm running IClojure with the official docker image. docker run -p 8888:8888 cgrand/iclojure


Thanks for reporting!


OK; This is now fixed in Oz 1.5.6 Thanks again for reporting, and for your help debugging!