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Announcing unbroken-promises - two macros for testing js/Promises I hope you will find it as useful as we do here 😄


Hey All, I'm pleased to announce Hanami 0.8.0, the go to lib/(optional) framework for developing your Vega/Vega-Lite powered domain specific visualization applications. This version involves some significant refactoring to make development of client only applications both simpler and easier. Client and server side support and APIs are now even more consistent and symmetric in capabilities and resources. Some new template and substitution key capabilities are also included. In addition there is also now callback support for picture frames.


There is loads and loads of new documentation which now covers most aspects of developing and using server and client applications and also client only applications. There is also a new example client only application


Basic feature list • Application construction - Page headers with instrumentation - External instrumentation of visualizations (dropdowns, sliders, etc) - Full hiccup/re-com "picture framing" capability for visualizations - Shared session groups (named sessions) - Multiple sessions per application • Visualization abstraction - Parameterized templates with recursive transformations - Purely data driven - no objects, classes, methods, etc - Completely open ended - define your own - More general than an API while capable of arbitrary specific detail • Document structuring - Tabbing system for named visulization groupings - Multiple visulizations per tab body / grouping - Automatic grid layout - Custom bodies