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A small lib that generates a query from a pattern


Thanks! What's the main intent, is it to simplify querying, or to help with dynamic queries, e.g. resolving graphql queries?


In my "framework" after pull data from db, i turn all maps into E A V then put it in a #clara engine that generate new facts, then build again in into maps So this simplify my work. I think that it can evolve to talk with client side db like #datascript or #fulcro


Clojure beats Kotlin, Groovy, Scala in this survey for principal JVM language

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"8 in 10 use Java 8 in production" is higher than I'd expected.


@U077BEWNQ also higher than I expected but for me it is reassuring that I am not the only one who sticks with 8... somehow 9&10 did not bring enough to make me upgrade yet. Modules in 9 were major disappointment for me. In 10 I like graal but imho it will need some time to mature.

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Yeah, post-8 releases have been a bit underwhelming.


For anyone wondering, ~10000 participants. So 3% = 300 Clojure users filled this in.


For anyone who still wants to use clj-http-lite I put up a fork and did some housekeeping (CI setup, Java 10 compatibility): β€” available as

[org.martinklepsch/clj-http-lite "0.4.1"]

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thanks for this! I used the original for a GraalVM native image recently β€” I'll try it again with this version

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I love this "zero" deps rewrites πŸ™‚


Fulcro Developer’s Guide has a new security chapter describing steps for securing both normal and websocket-based networking.

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