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I made a PR for cheshire library to add ability to skip parts of a json by using path-predicate option. It also add parsed-seq-strict public function to retrieve arrays from the huge json lazily. For anyone who want to test it - it is available as [org.clojars.dlg/cheshire "5.8.2-SNAPSHOT"] - there is a PR

;; tl;dr
(parse-string "{\"foo\": {\"bar\": 2, \"buz\": 4}, \"oof\": 3}" true nil (fn [path] (re-matches #"(foo|oof)(bar)?" (apply str path))))
;; => {:foo {:bar 2} :oof 3}

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Like amazonica but for ClojureScript (and a bit less ambitious): Early development, feedback very welcome.

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Fressian for clojurescript & WebAssembly

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