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ha! just had a look what's the state of the proposal in the ansible core code, and they seem to have matured their ideas and already implemented a first version. i am very likely to weave this into my project as their approach will also allow to validate a role "ad-hoc".

Bobbi Towers09:10:10

I can't believe this actually works, but I added REPL support to my Clojure editor via Planck. I recorded a quick demo:


Love the console theme...

Bobbi Towers09:10:19

I created a key binding, Ctrl+e for "eval last expression". But it doesn't work like you'd think... It actually just saves the whole buffer to a file that is evaluated with Planck. I implemented a file-watcher in Bash that reloads it whenever it changes.


Day 34 - Over a third of the way there. Added more content to the Spacemacs book, including video content for Helm Transient State and trying out Pull Requests from Magit. Its Ubuntu 18.10 release day, so I have been celebrating with the Emacs Ubuntu theme. Its quite nice, perhaps could tweak a few colours though. I do like the styling in the helm popups though.