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Bobbi Towers18:10:42

Still finishing up yesterday's task of tediously looking up every Clojure function, macro, etc. in order to implement syntax highlighting in my text editor. There probably would have been a way to avoid this, but I really don't mind... In fact, I can think of many far less useful things I could be doing.


Day 32 & 33 and my journal is all caught up. Yesterday I was hacking on some examples for my Clojure through code repository, adding and refactoring examples that will go into the Practicalli Clojure book (which I'm going to start working on along side the Spacemacs book). Today I added a simplified guide to installing Emacs and Spacemacs for Linux, MacOSX and Windows (64bit).


R1D30->33: 4clj103->107 and I started actual work on this: the idea of the project is, to have immediate feedback whether changes on config or roles within our ansible-stuff makes sense. in fact there is a very old issue in ansible community itself that recently got resurrected and which tries to tackle this "blind spot" but in a very different way as they only attempt to validate configuration right before they execute the role (which could have wayyy too late in typical ansible-playbook runs)


short term goal is the very oppinionated solution for myself / my current job. but it should not be that hard to translate some kind of meta-data (even yaml) into useful specs which would make this way more accessible for the common ansible user


(...and maybe this project lures some devops guys to the bright side of clojure)