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Hello, I'm just discovering Overtone and am very surprised about the fact that I have to import with use and not with require. When I macroexpand demo, I see three symbols that are not namespaced : out, hold and FREE Thus, the following code doesn't work :

(ns overtone-demo.core
  (:require [ :as ol]))

(ol/demo 2 (ol/sin-osc 440))
and when I macroexpand, I get:
   (out 0 (hold (ol/sin-osc 440) 2 :done FREE))))


If I understand well, this macro is non-hygienic. I'm forced to do it this way:

(ns overtone-demo.core
  (:use []))

(demo 2 (sin-osc 440))
and then it works.


@channel Is it a design purpose? It feels weird.