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Should I be able to see Cursive plugin here?


@cfleming (probably been asked before). But do you have any plans in regards to clojure.spec integration (in docs and stuff like that) ?


@royalaid I’m planning to add support for that - in the meantime someone suggested resolving it as for but I don’t think that will work.


Can confirm, does not work


@kidpollo Definitely not removed, it should still be there. In the menu it will now have the name of the test, like “Run ‘test-name’ in REPL” (I think, I don’t have Cursive open here)


The doc is out of date there.


@claudiu Yes, I’d like to add more support, suggestions are welcome!


@cfleming Was just thinking that would be nice to:


- show spec at the bottom in the docs


- go to spec. keyboard shortcut if there's s/fdef or if it's a namespaced keyword that has a spec

claudiu07:10:17 looks really promising but no clue if intellij has a way to figure it out


Asking because by design specs can be added pretty much anywhere in the project (as far as I can tell). So was thinking that it would be really awesome if cursive could track them down in the code for me 😄

Joe R. Smith16:10:43

Is there some trick to getting Cursive to correctly indent, e.g. defn arguments in ClojureScript (like Clojure)?

Joe R. Smith16:10:05

it’s highlighting my clojurescript, but doesn’t recognize defn


@solussd what do you mean with "correctly indent"? how is it "wrongly indented" now?

Joe R. Smith19:10:03


(defn blah
      (println "This is \"wrongly\" indented"))

(defn blah
  (println "This is \"rightly\" indented"))

Joe R. Smith19:10:58

When it doesn’t recognize a symbol, it defaults to function indentation. In the case of my ClojureScript sourcecode, it can’t resolve defn.

Joe R. Smith19:10:01

Cursive indents subsequent lines of calls to a Clojure macro with 2 spaces, and the character width of the function in the case of a function call, by default


hm weird for me it always automatically does the correct one

Joe R. Smith19:10:14

yeah, something is different about my environment


@solussd do you have anything listed here? I think this is where it is customized:


@solussd The problem is the symbol resolution, not the indentation - that’s what you’ll have to fix.


So Clojure is indented correctly, but not CLJS?


Do you see ClojureScript as a dependency in your Project toolwindow under External Libraries?


If that all looks ok, there’s always File-&gt;Invalidate Caches and Restart… which sometimes helps cases like this.


It’s the IntelliJ version of restarting something when it goes bad.