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@hmaurer reply has a bug in it, it can be safely ignored. I think there's a patch to fix it already.


@seancorfield when using boot-tools-deps with -B and the pom task I'm seeing that the generated pom's dependencies all have scope "compile" — is that intentional/expected?


I'm using boot to package a jar of a deps.edn based app: boot -d seancorfield/boot-tools-deps deps -B pom -p cljdoc -v 0.1.0 jar install


@martinklepsch it's not "intentional" in terms of boot-tools-deps -- pretty sure that's the default scope for tools.deps itself? As for expected...


If you're using deps.edn why not use a packager like depstar or cambada or pack?


because I couldn't get any of them to make a regular (i.e. non uber) jar


but I'm probably overthinking this. I should just package stuff as a zip file and run clj 😄


I tried the cambada packager but there even the plain jar does AOT which I found confusing (and couldn't figure out how to disable)


@martinklepsch use packs skinny jar mode, theres a param for making it only dump out the current project.


Or are you still looking for an extra feature on top? I'm happy to assist you with this 😊


--help on the skinny main should hopefully help though.


@dominicm I saw that in the sources but it’s not mentioned in the readme is it? I’ll take another look


I’ve been thinking about just packaging it all in a tar file haha 😆


Isn't it? I just have failed to push/write documentation. I'm gaining a reputation for this 😁


In any case I need to set up some build step where JS is bundled and all that and so looking for something to do that. The jar requirement isn’t too strict but I thought it would be nice to just run cljdoc in prod by depending on a regular jar and running some main


Somewhat related to the recent discussion: as of this morning, our entire CI pipeline (including SQL migrations, JAR building and deployment to servers) runs on clj/`deps.edn` for most of our projects -- previously that was all on Boot.


(as well as the 2.8 series of releases being both fairly buggy and including breaking changes)